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Examples of barbell path videos


This article gives examples of barbell path videos of various trainings. Please note that the video taking way may differ slightly depending on the each training menu.
About basic video taking methods, please see another article below.

All of the following videos were taken in conditions below.

・The camera (smartphone) position is about 3 [m] far from the barbell plate
・Fixed camera (using smartphone stand)
・AE / AF lock on barbell plate during taking video
・Attach 5kg plate or target dummy plate to the outside of 45cm plate

In addition, the range of movement of the barbell shows each value using my body size (height 172 cm) as an example. Please adjust each value according to yours.

Snatch, Clean, Clean & Jerk

[About the height position of the camera]
Here, both of snatch and clean are lifted from the floor. We recommend to put the camera in the middle of the range of movement of the barbell in any training. For reference, the approximate range in each case is shown below.

・ From the start of the snatch to the catch position: 23 cm to 140 cm
・ From the start of high clean to the catch position: 23 cm to 140 cm
・ From the start of the snatch to the finish: 23 cm to 190 cm
・ From clean & jerk start to finish: 23cm to 200cm
(Center position of the barbell. It is a standard for me with a height of 172 cm)

Focusing on training is our top priority, so we would like to reduce the work of shooting as much as possible. So in the cases of the above 4 types of training, you can put the camera on

Approximately 1 [m] hight from the floor

Since the accuracy of the height display itself is not exact, “about” 1 [m] seems to be all right.
What you must not do is “put it directly on the floor”. When the camera is placed on the floor and the image range is adjusted to the barbell also placed on the floor, it looks up greatly at the finish position. The barbell plate is difficult to recognize in the image looking up from the floor, and the lighting of the ceiling is also reflected directly in most of case, so it will be out of tracking.

An example of a barbell path video below.

1. Clean & Jerk from floor to catch
App: Barbell Tracker GT (iPhone)
Device: iPhone 7 Plus
Note: If the ceiling lighting reflects on the plate during a jerk, the tracking will be lost. You need to find the angle where the light does not bounce off the plate and take a video. This is a common reminder when standing up with a snatch.

Jerk from rack

Snatch or Clean from box


Dead lift

Bench(Floor) press

High rep training

App: WeightLifting Motion Camera (iPhone)
Device: iPhone 7 Plus

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